Nice to Meet you!

I am S. Dossett Swift. I am a Texan, daughter, younger sister, licensed attorney, friend, junior league volunteer, amateur chef, wanderlust writer who is learning to code. You might call me a flibbertigibbet or a dilettante. My mom calls me "Princess Pineapple".  I call myself curious and happy.

Though I live in Houston, my heart is in Sewanee, Tennessee, on a mountain where I played lacrosse, studied religion, learned to love bourbon, and finally got Shakespeare.

I come from a long line of entertainers and I have been known to gather 60 carousers in less than 600 square feet. I live with my childhood best friend in Houston's Historic Sixth Ward. Our china cabinet is full of party hats which invariably come out when the punch bowl gets low.

When I am sad, I remind myself that every couple I have set up has gotten married; I saved a drowning child's life; my unassuming face compels strangers to tell me their secrets; and my internet research skills are peerless.

My itchy feet have taken me across northern Spain, up the Appalachian Trail, around the Annapurnas, and deep into the Grand Canyon. My most exciting adventure is the one I am on right now: creating the life of my dreams.